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SEO Site Structure

Website Silo Design

Optimizing Website Link Architectural Layout

SEO Site structure or architecture in terms of search engine marketing refers to the framework that supports your website content. This helps define the way search engine spiders index your website. It consists of the navigation structure of your site, the page layout and the structure of various elements on your page, your file and directory system, and the types of files you use.

You should always have unique and relevant content that is easy for the search engines to spider and index. The use of a navigation and linking structure that encourages regular indexing by search engines is a must to have your complete site content indexed correctly by the top search engines.

There is usually an opportunity to build a new site structure or at the minimum redesign your existing structure. Web pages closest to the root directory are considered the most important pages on your site by the search engine spiders. Naming your files and directories with your keywords separated by hyphens in the directory names with the least amount of trailing slashes have shown to greatly improve your keyword rankings.

All internal links are reviewed, recommendations are made and implemented for best results. The presence of image maps and other barriers will have workarounds applied so the search engines are able to read and index all your pages. The use of proper linking on your most important site pages will be created for optimal indexing and spider-ability.

A siloing effect, aka website silo structure in design gives users AND search engines the ability to find the most relevant content in the fastest time, hence giving an edge or nod in the rankings for many different long-tail keyword phrases for a website designed in this fashion.

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