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SEO Audit Video Review

You are one step away from successfully requesting your SEO Website Audit & Review Video!

Just email your WEBSITE ADDRESS to gregg@firstplacepositioning.com
I will complete your video within 48 hours.

The value of this information can not be understated, if acted upon your business will generate many more leads each day. These in-depth SEO analysis videos have sold from $97 up to $497 depending upon the length, the average client value of the business website, and potential upside in new profits.

Since your SEO audit video review is custom made, and can take a few hours to do the in-depth research and recording; we ask that you are a real business wanting more sales, leads and targeted traffic.

Your video will reveal many things with detailed specifics that you can do, or even have someone else do, that will help your site perform much better in the search engines for potentially hundreds of keywords.

This extra step is utilized to isolate just those companies that are really interested in making more money with their website now, through online marketing and optimization. 

Thank you.