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Link Popularity Services & ConsultingAn in-depth report on your incoming links from other websites will be performed with a deep analysis of many linking factors including the anchor text (link text). A good way to increase the number of your linking sites is to examining where your competitors currently have links and to see if these sites fit with your link popularity plan.

We study the top ranking competitors and their inbound links to see how they’re ranking at the top so we can uncover which keywords they’re targeting in their anchor text to reveal their most influential links. This will allow us to understand how your competitors are building links and develop your link building strategy to out-perform them in the search engines.

Increasing Your Website’s Link Popularity

Here’s a list of ways that can be helpful when building links for your website.

  • COMPETITOR ANALYSIS Find where the top competitor’s links are coming from and add links where possible. Also, know how many links are needed to compete for targeted keyword phrases.
  • ASK FOR and/or TRADE LINKS with ASSOCIATES and COLLEAGUES People you know can be a good source of a high-quality link.
  • SOCIAL SYNDICATION Social buzz and links from individual user accounts in the form of Social bookmarks (Delicious), News votes (Digg), FACEBOOK Likes, Re-Tweets, G+1, and the top social networks.
  • ARTICLE MARKETING Submit article content to article directories for re-publishing of an article on top sites creating more strength in your link popularity and backlinks. Create 500+ word articles, 700+ better, with 1-3 keyword links in Author Bio Box.
  • CONTENT SHARING Add content to web properties across the web with keyword links pointing back to specific pages
  • PRESS RELEASES These are shorter than articles generally; on a newsworthy story related to the company. Links in release and author area
  • SOCIAL CONTENT NETWORKS Various social web properties to create a presence and post content with keyword link text back to site.
  • PROFILE LINKS Join a forum, community or other web properties that allow users to create a profile to participate. In the bio of the profile content with keyword link can be added. –Best Practice is to fill out profile information completely, then add the keyword link in bio a few days later.
  • BLOG COMMENTING Participate in related conversations offering value in comment noting the name used is generally the link
  • FORUM LINKS Like profile links but with the ability to add more links within the signature text.
  • SOCIAL BOOKMARK LINKS General social bookmarks, Syndicated Social bookmarks
  • VIDEO MARKETING Utilizing YouTube and other top video channels to promote and strategically rank your video content
  • PINGS Specific sites that notify the search engines of new content on the web
  • TRACKBACKS Used primarily to facilitate communication between blogs via links on updated commenting
  • RSS FEED SUBMISSIONS Submission to over 100 of the top RSS directories
  • BLOG DIRECTORIES Directories specifically for the listing of top blog sites (i.e. Technorati)
  • GENERAL DIRECTORIES Host of general directories to list your business with for additional links
  • RELATED DIRECTORIES Specific and categorized listings of companies in your industry
  • PAID DIRECTORIES Optional to pay for inclusion in top directories which help increase the authority of your business website would be the Yahoo DirectoryBOTW (Best of the Web), Joeant.com, GoGuides.org, etc.
  • LOCAL DIRECTORIES Whether you’re a global or local company have your business listed in local directories helps rankings
  • EZINE ADVERTISING Targeted specific industry Ezines for possible advertising and link acquisition
  • PODCASTING SITES Submit audio and/or turn text into audio for submission to the top Podcasting sites
  • ANSWER SITES Answer questions on related topics in your industry on these sites and become an authority
  • MICRO-BLOGS Twitter being the major micro-blog but there are others like FourSquare that can be useful in promoting your business.
  • IMAGE SHARING SITES Pinterest, Flickr and others can be utilized with the goal of focusing on creating at least one major authority property using the valuable content.
  • DOCUMENT SHARING SITES Whitepapers and other documents can be turned into PDFs and shared socially.
  • CLASSIFIED ADS These can create targeted and converting traffic if your business fits into this type of promotion strategy
  • .EDU and .GOV LINKS Locate and take advantage of the availability of .EDU and .GOV links
  • USE OF PLATFORMS Pligg, WordPress, Movable Type, BlogEngine, vBulletin, etc.
  • Advanced Link Popularity Strategies Various sorts of link acquisition proven to move the ranking gauge.

We use the best software to help us manage and build up your global, local and social link popularity.

Link popularity is simply a measure of the number of links and the quality of links that point to your site. The supposed impartiality of links has an effect on search engine rankings since important sites will attract many links and content-poor sites will have difficulty attracting any links.

Search engines have found that judging a site by who links to it is one of the best indications of the quality of that site. It’s a term used to indicate how many other web pages are linking to your site. It has become obvious that link popularity is very important for ranking high on today’s search engines.

Good quality links are necessary to achieve high search engine rankings, as they are an important factor that the search engines look for in reviewing the relevancy of a website. Your link popularity is one of the best ways to measure your website’s online visibility and overall web presence. Link popularity is improved by having links pointing to your website from any other relevant, high-ranking, popular pages other than your own site. This will greatly increase your site’s link popularity rating.  Search engines use this data to help determine where your web page will rank in the search results (among other factors).

The philosophy of link popularity is that it assumes that not all incoming links are equal. An inbound link from a major directory will carry more weight than an inbound link from an obscure website page. In other words, the quality of incoming links counts more than the quantity of incoming links you have.

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