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Competitive SEO Intelligence

Out-Rank Your Competition with SEO Intelligence

We will analyze your competition at extreme depths to uncover the paths for us to out-rank them in the organic search engine results.

Competitive site analysis data comes from Pro Paid SEO sites and tools such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, MajesticSEO, SpyFu, iSpionage and others.

We find out what keywords are converting before optimizing your site. We also found out what ad copy is working best before doing any advertising.

Using a specialized process, we will analyze any of the competitors you choose up to ten competitors.

We will analyze your competitors web pages, their linking structure, link reputation, social signals and authority score. 

We will be able to look at their pages and see how they link together.

We will see how they are using their keyword phrases in their link text.

This specialized process will also reveal authority sites and varying website hubs that you may not be taking advantage of at this time.

These authority sites are places to acquire links from as they will have an immediate impact on your page rank and help with your overall website ranking quality, authority and link reputation.

We will uncover the words that appear on the linking page, we will know the link text leading to the page and the words used in the Titles that contain links leading to that page and much more.

This information will also allow us to reverse engineer successful linking structures and top ranking link strategies so we can utilize them on your own web pages.

We will find out the tricks and tactics your competitors are using to get ranked at the top and where exactly they are getting their traffic from.

We will determine any undesirable links and seek to have them optimized or removed from your site if they are having an adverse effect.

We will narrow the focus for each of your web pages so we can provide more effective linking strategies.

We will be keep track of who is linking to you and what they are saying so you know for sure that the efforts at gaining new high-quality links are still in place and contributing to your overall link reputation.

We will also examine their server speed, hosting platform, whether they are using dedicated servers or shared hosting.

We will reveal other web properties they have in their mix to determine exactly what needs to be done to overtake them in the search engine rankings the most popular keywords.

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