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Social Media Marketing ServicesSocial Media Marketing and Content Syndication

We’ll classify, set up and arrange the most powerful social networks on the web that fit YOUR specific business and strategically syndicate new content to specific networks.

Get your message in front of your ideal target audience!

Leverage online social media channels through content marketing to both, grow your search engine rankings, along with increasing your social visibility. This will lead new buyers directly to your product or service offers on a daily basis.

Main Social Network Types and Communities

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and the top Social Media Properties
  • Social Site Bookmarking Networks (bookmarking content & participation)
  • Network Blogs and Microblogs (blog post development and content submissions)
  • Article Networks (Article Development and Submissions Services)
  • Video Sharing Networks (video development and video submissions)
  • Podcasting Networks (podcasting development and podcast submissions)
  • RSS Feeds (distribution and syndication)
  • Document Sharing (conversion and submission)
  • Infographic Sites (development and submission)
  • Answer Sites (scrape, answer, and ask)
  • Photo & Slideshow Sharing Sites
  • Wiki Sites (including Wikipedia edits)

Develop new content and link bait pieces (the search engines love fresh and uniquely written content) and have it added to your website or blog.

Setup the syndication of new published content that it automatically posts and published to specific social web properties across the entire web.

The establishment of high-quality social signals and backlinks will help in reaching your buyers directly and driving your targeted keywords to the top of the search engine rankings.

Our unique process is performed in a step-by-step fashion with a clearly mapped out blueprint.

Writing valuable content on a regular basis with strategic optimization and syndication of that content has an exponential effect on traffic and search engine rankings.

By getting your message in front of the right people you can potentially start seeing new leads and sales almost immediately.

There are hundreds even thousands of web outlets for your message on the Social media landscape and to put them all together in a workable plan that’s effective could mean the explosion of your business growth in 2015.

Explode your traffic and rankings starting today through proven Web 2.0 development and marketing strategies, call (610) 768-0357.

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