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SEO Website Quality Check

Finding & Fixing Non-Compliant Search Issues

Performing a site quality check, testing for proper validation and determining exactly what the search engine spiders are seeing is an important step to cleaning and optimizing your code for top search engine rankings. All the required corrections and opportunities to improve performance are employed.

The site quality report gives a breakdown of the overall status of your site. It points out the specific areas of your pages that are immediately hindering your site because of improper or bloated coding.

Areas such as:

  • problematic internal links
  • problematic external links
  • any and all broken anchors on your site
  • page size, slow pages
  • pages with excessive graphics
  • pages with inner-page scripting
  • deep pages – too many clicks away
  • 3xx errors on your site
  • pages with temporary & permanent redirects
  • missing, invalid or ineffective Titles
  • metadata check
  • old pages, new pages, small pages
  • image ALT attributes
  • images missing the width/height attributes
  • orphaned files
  • and much more

Adding height and width tags will substantially decrease the time needed to display your pages. Using the proper DTD Statement, Character Set Tag, Robots.txt file along with fixing any canonicalization issues regarding duplicate content will help the major search engines spider and index all your web pages faster and higher in the result listings.

We are offering a free site quality analysis report with no obligation.

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