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Staying on top of the Algorithm Changes

How to get a top listing in Google for a keyword phrase that actually drives traffic to your website depends on many variables. These variables range in importance and often change… as you will notice lately with more top listings coming from fresh content from Social media properties.

SEO experts say that links pointing to your site is half the battle. I agree that backlinks are extremely important for accomplishing a top ranking. You will see some sites listed in the first place position on a competitive keyword that have a ton of backlinks and then you will see a site listed in the first place position that have a small amount of backlinks.

The reason for this is simply that the factors taken into consideration range so greatly an in-depth analysis of the ranking website is needed to be completed to determine what your site needs the most. Focusing on just one aspect of search engine optimization generally won’t get the job done.

I can list over 100 factors to consider but to overwhelm you at this point would be pointless.

There are quick ways to get you to the top. The quicker the way… the quicker the top position usually falls. So an overall approach to optimizing your site, if you’re serious about getting free traffic from the organic search engine listings, you need to take a serious approach.

What would a first place ranking on your major keyword phrase do for your business?

Check back here often as I will reveal the steps to take to get to the top of Google for your most important keyword phrases.