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SEO Company Reveals SEO Keyword Strategy to Get Hundreds of Top Search Engine Rankings

How to develop a keyword strategy that will drive thousands of visitors.


We know that keywords a very important to any search marketing campaign as this is how many of your prospects find you. As mentioned in a previous post, you’ll want to focus your web pages on one individual keyword phrase for the best opportunity for

We know that keywords a very important to any search marketing campaign as this is how many of your prospects find you. As mentioned in a previous post, you’ll want to focus your web pages on one individual keyword phrase for the best opportunity for top ranking. This is generally how it is taught in the SEO realm but if we dig a little deeper there is a better way. This does not mean keyword stuffing or spamming. You will still want to have primary and secondary keyword targets.

Say for instance your website consists of 25 individual web pages. Taking the approach of optimizing a single page for a single keyword you would think that 25 top rankings would eventually be in order. But by looking at traffic statistics we can see that there are many more keywords our site is being found for that have not been optimized.

I read a statistic a while ago which still holds to be true. This statistic reveals that 50%, or half of all Google searches performed each day are for keywords that are unique, never been searched on previously. Now it’s hard to optimize your web pages for keywords you don’t know people will be searching for, but there is a way to take advantage this. Not only that, this strategy will allow each individual web page to gain top rankings for many, many more keywords.

How does one go about optimizing a single web page for several keywords? Well, you have to start thinking more in the manner of keyword grouping. Simply stated, keyword grouping is a set of keywords that all share a single seed word. You will have a seed keyword that will consist of many related keyword phrases, all which contain that main seed keyword.

Take, for instance, the seed word ‘SEO’, a very broad term. Doing a search in Wordtracker we can gather 81 related words with good traffic. I’ve edited this list to a smaller related set of words but there are still 43 targeted keyword phrases.

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Optimizing one single web page or each of these 43 individual words would be very difficult to accomplish… but by writing quality and lengthy copy that target or reference the seed word ‘SEO’ you will able to target the entire niche. Of course, you will need a good deal of copy but it seems Google has a way of sending many visitors to your site via hundreds of different keywords especially when the topic of the page has pinpoint focus and good, long copy.

Instead of thinking and targeting one single keyword, results are dramatically improved when your focus becomes group or niche oriented for each individual page of your website. So by determining the seed keyword for each page and researching the related words in that niche you will rank for many more keywords and drive much more traffic to your pages by developing, once again, quality and lengthy content.

Prioritizing the various keyword niches that will provide the best return on your efforts can be accomplished by analyzing your current search engine statistics. Evaluate the keywords by your current traffic and sales to get an idea of the potential of your buying keywords. You will also want to evaluate the competition and search volume numbers. Wordtracker and MicroNicheFinder are two good tools that have helped us uncover profitable keyword phrases which I highly recommend.

By performing this due diligence before implementing your SEO campaign it will make it much simpler to effectively optimize and market your entire website. Once this keyword strategy is in place you will have the potential to be found on thousands of phrases. Obviously, there are many other SEO factors of your web page that need to be optimized besides the copy and you can get your custom SEO report by following the link below.

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  • Link building has become the most significant elements of web optimization. Without having massive link building, on-page SEO will not going to bring results and website or blog cannot attain higher position. I continue to feel that link directories and article marketing are the top methods to get inbound links quick.