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So Many Places to Acquire Good Links

Link building can be such a time-consuming activity sometimes the value isn’t readily apparent. When analyzing competitors who have thousands of links it may seem like an impossible task to catch and keep up.

That’s why it’s important to focus on keywords that are highly targeted with lower competition if you want to drive traffic that converts along with taking advantage of social media to increase brand popularity and social signals. The opportunity to uncover keyword phrases that have low competition is still incredibly high.

It’s important not to get too hung up on the most competitive terms. A long-term plan to consistently improve your position on those terms is a good idea but at the same time, we should optimize for the lower competing terms to quickly make your campaign profitable.

Finding the right mixture is key to having an effective search marketing campaign and this takes research upfront. The good news is that the potential for increased business by gaining top rankings on targeted keyword phrases is still very attainable and somewhat exciting. When examining the keyword data we will know beforehand if the optimization efforts will pay off, which allows us to guarantee increased targeted traffic.

Once the keyword phrases have been selected, acquiring high-quality links is just a matter of choice. There are many opportunities to gain new links that a well-developed plan should be put in place and followed on a daily basis. Here is a listing of Web 2.0 sites at

Here is a listing of Web 2.0 sites at http://knowem.com/websites/all and that is just in the social media sphere. Getting 10 links a day will add up to 200 or so over a given month. Building these links around the right keywords will help you gain first place rankings and targeted traffic that will convert into sales.

The earning potential obviously depends on your product or service but if you can acquire 20 new customers this month… what would that be worth to your business? The more targeted the keywords the higher the conversions, so driving 2000 new visitors to your site this month may actually return more than 20 new customers.

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