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You Must Find a Balance to Your Web Pages for Top SEO

Finding a Balance to You Web Pages:

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The job of the Title tag is to have the user click on your listing as it resides in the search results whether it is number 1 or number 8 of the first page of results. The three key factors to the Title tag are keyword density, keyword prominence and keyword proximity.

The job the Description tag is also to have the user click through to your listing as this is the text that appears in the search results under your Title tag. You can control what shows up here with this tag and unlike Google Adwords there are less restrictions on what you can include in your description tag. Keyword benefit laden descriptions that are compelling generally perform the best.

The Keyword tag is said to be not used by Google. The original use of the keyword tag was to include keywords that were not on that specific web page’s copy. Although there are mix conclusions as some experts say to only include those words that are indeed on that page’s web copy.

Header tags, H1, H2, H3 tags describe the page and give it relevance and they should be used wisely with your keywords to describe briefly what that specific web page is about.

Images and their Alt text should focus on the image itself. Describing the image with a keyword if it fits is something that can give more weight to that specific keyword. Images should be optimized in a way that lets the web page load a fast as possible. If it takes more than 8 seconds for your web page to load you very well may be losing visitors because of this time lag.

Make sure every page of your website is fully optimized and has a purpose with a call-to-action. These are only a few steps that need to be taken to have an optimized webpage that fulfills its mission in gaining top rankings in the search engines and more importantly conversions.

There are many more factors that come into play when optimizing web pages for top search engine rankings for Google.

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