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Analysis Website Home Page Design of Asthma.com

What is the Home Page of Asthma.com missing?

Conversion Missing Action Paid Traffic Organic Traffic Potential Loss of Revenue(my grammar above will not be re-edited).

So, maybe (I’m missing it;?!?) or is this Home Page going for the CLICK to Next Action? What happens next depends, but the focus seems to be getting user to Take the Test, which is great, right after Taking the Test, the test results are revealed on screen, and then also easily printed with one more click; Indeed, great stuff!

But has this Website MISSED the ONE BASIC and CRUCIAL GOAL of most Websites?

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By the way, if you are in the field of Asthma or SEO for Asthma; to compete with the bigger companies and sites, I happened on a keyword phrase that is helpful to the user with lucrative potential for vendor.

Plus, easy and quick to rank. Organic Traffic and Paid Traffic Stats and Competitive Nature of Big Sites and KeywordsGoing after highly competitive terms against bigger budgets takes more time; with so much low-hanging fruit there is a much better way, less time to get to more profits, and more secure from dropping, profits.

“Adult Onset Asthma” $6400 Monthly Revenue Potential?

So this came up in keyword research having 2900 monthly searches, with a $6.82 CPC. Showing 108000 ‘competing’ pages but really only 354 real competing pages. There is a high commercial value & this keyword phrase is only showing an average of 4 running Ads (Google); both with very low competition and low PR (PageRank) strength competition.

Enter your Guess! The Right Answer Wins Free Conversion Analysis

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