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Before revealing our special SEO pricing, your website has great potential to get much more search engine and social traffic. We always uncover optimization items and fixes that are holding websites back from achieving a much wider range of visibility in Google.

Leads and sales from the organic SEO process can create an exponential effect that will be responsible for positive long-term returns from gaining the first page & first place organic rankings.

Search Engine Optimization Prices
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We get you quick results as we target core, medium difficulty and the easy-to-rank long-tail keyword phrases that will start generating interested inquiries within a week of implementation.

Daily Keyword Ranking Monitor – Check Ranked Keywords Daily & Weekly Reports, Ranked Pages, Monitored URLs, Opportunities, Alerts

Keyword Discovery: SEMRush, SpyFu and Ranking Profiler – This enables us to get all the keyword phrases your website currently ranks for anywhere from the 1st position to the 100th. This gives us immediate targets that are easier to rank and profit.

Competitive intelligence helps to find the best keywords for your business. Finding the keywords that will improve your bottom line.

  1. The keywords that get the most searches.
  2. The rankings that deliver the most visitors to your competitors.
  3. The competitor page that gets the most visitors. etc.

When we know (or find out) what works for your competitors we eliminate a lot of trial-and-error. Finding out how others maximize the results of their rankings and benefit from their work just adds to the intelligence already known and assimilated allowing us to create the proven steps to get you profitable results time and time again.

We calculate the financial value of specific keywords so our time is spent only on ranking keywords that bring in new customers for your business.

Website Audit – Fix Broken Links, Better Overall Site Code
Increase site load time by fixing issues revealed by https://gtmetrix.com, Much more!

Keyword Research – Uncover additional keyword phrases your prospects are searching for and address/add them to your website in a strategic manner. We use professional paid tools like www.SEMRush.com, SpyFu, and www.ahrefs.com to uncover target keywords and link opportunities your competition is using to save time and money determining what works in getting you more sales.

Page Optimization

  • ANCHOR TAGS – LINKING within same web page
  • Review and Improve Heading Tags (H1 tags to H6 tags)
  • FIX Uncompressed images
  • Fix Unminified resources
  • FIX UnCached resources
  • Render-blocking JavaScript/CSS
  • Use 1500 words of content preferably
  • Add Schema Markup
  • Fix any Problematic W3C HTML Errors
  • FIX Any Problematic W3C CSS Errors
  • USE Rel=Canonical the Right Way for Best Results
  • Use keyword in first 100 words of body content
  • Use Keyword at least THREE times in body content
  • Use keyword in last 150 words of body content
  • Use LSI keywords in your copy / WDF*IDF algorithm tool
  • On-Page User SITEMAP
  • Create XML sitemap and submit to Google & Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Perform duplicate content check with Copyscape
  • External Linking – Link Out to Authority Sites

Additional Web Pages Created & Optimized based on Keyword Discovery – Create both keyword targeted pages and new pages focused on specific questions, concerns, news, cities/towns (if needed), and more.

Link Audit – Check All Links, Check & Remove Any Bad Links (if any), Anchor Texts, Pages, Industries, Contexts, Countries, Strength, Age, etc.

Managed Link Building – Backlinks are the most important ranking factor for Google, Bing and other search engines. We use a number of common sense, linking processes and also reverse engineer competition to get high-quality backlink opportunities and get them to your site. We keep track of all the backlinks that we build for you.

The Top Link Finder tool helps find relevant websites sites that have backlinks on at least two of the top ranked competitor sites. These linking sites have authority, trust and are influential.

Local Citations Submitted where your site is not already listed. Sites like ThomasLocal, DexKnows, Manta, MojoPages, Local.com, YP, Superpages, Citysearch, plus 50-100 more!

  • Starter backlinks that have a high authority in Google
  • Directories for Blogs (up to 37 sites)
  • Article Directories (only the top-rated directories done right, top 3-5 sites only)
  • Content Sites (up to 132 sites)
  • Infographic Directories (up to 23 sites)
  • Podcast Directories by turning current text content in audio (up to 6 sites)
  • Presentation Directories (up to 13 sites)
  • Press Release sites (up to 50) however strategic submission to only the foremost leading sites.
  • Question and Answer Sites (up to 12 sites)
  • Additional Social Media Sites (up to 18)
  • Social News Sites (up to 14)
  • Tutorial Directories (up to 5 sites)
  • Video Sites (up to 6 sites)
  • Website Directories (up to 101 sites, however submissions only to top-rated directories.

Social Media Monitoring and Promotions

  • Setup (in not already) plus fully optimize major social web properties
  • Setup and Optimize Additional Social Web Properties
  • Ability to Syndicate Content up to 25+ Unique Social Sites using www.synnd.com.
    (Text, PDFs, PPTs, Videos, Images, Infographics, Slides, Audio, etc.)
  • Solve Problems through Question-Based Queries
  • Submit Content to Ideal Niche Communities
  • Harness the Power of Subreddits
  • Re-purpose Content, Tap into Other Ideal Niche Sources
  • Forum/Blog Marketing – I will find, review, and answer then send to you for quick approval
  • Utilize Google+ Communities, Increase Reach & Participation to Easily Rank Google+ Posts.
  • Utilize Groups to Publish Content and Participate in where appropriate.
  • (LinkedIn Groups, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)

Website Analytics – Generate daily, weekly, or monthly reports on Unique Daily Visitors, Top Referrers, Top Keywords, Top Pages, Top Campaigns and more all in an easily readable PDF report daily or weekly.

Conclusion on Affordable SEO Pricing Package

With our full website optimization and the search engine marketing services, I truly believe we will get you more leads that convert. Thus, we create a natural source of interested inbound traffic through organic search and social media that will be ever be growing through the many months ahead. All at incredibly affordable SEO pricing.

Within the first week, we get your website properly optimized. We quickly get all your social properties setup, if not already and make sure they are fully optimized and start receiving your syndicated content.



Here are Just Three Examples of Investment Plans We’ve Offered


(A) $1500 down, then only ($200/month ongoing)
(B) $2500 down, then only ($100/month ongoing)
(C) $750/month to $5,000/month (hyper-growth)


Providing 100% Done-For-You (Next-Level) On-Page SEO & Off-Page Promotional Services. Access Top SEO Expert through One-on-One Calls, Online Meetings, and In-Person Meetings.


Every SEO Client Gets Access to Their Own Digital Marketing Platform So You Can Track Our Progress, Results & the Return of Your SEO, Website & Marketing Investment, Anytime 24/7


Plan to Dominate Your Industry or Just Hit Your Goals for ROI


Get Details About Your Website, Online Presence, Current Keyword Rankings & Reach, and Your Company’s Potential Revenue!


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