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Directory Submissions

Increasing Backlinks Through Top Directories

Directory Submissions are a great way to increase your one-way links that point back to your website. Since most directories are human reviewed the listings of websites that are placed into specific categories according to their subject matter is a great way to attract targeted visitors. To ensure relevance to the category that websites are submitted to, they are often human reviewed which give the search engines a higher level of trust and reliability,

There’s no doubt that directory submissions are one the best ways to build your link popularity. We do directory submissions manually by qualified link builders that will help your website rank higher in the search engines by increasing your sites visibility. This is a key element for the promotion of your website as there are thousands of directories to choose from and choosing the best related or on-topic directories is a must.

We perform submissions for your website to high quality directories that specifically relate to your industry. We perform your submissions only to those directories that are high in quality and are in good standing with Google via the Google’s PageRank system.

Here is a massive list of directory sites that we review for possible submission and inclusion of your website.

Paid directory submissions are highly recommended. Since some websites currently have listings with some of these directories already we do not include them with are packaged SEO services. We will add the paid directories of your choice when you choose to pay the inclusion fee.

We will only submit your website to directories that properly fit your industry.

A human edited directory for websites and classified ads.
Free Inclusion

Organizes s business websites into 26 major industry categories and over 65,000 sub-categories.
Inclusion cost is $299 per listing and run for one year. Business-to-business oriented sites only.

This is the largest directory that is maintained by community editors. DMOZ is partnered with Google.
DMOZ is AOL’s property and shows their listings in AOL’s directory.
Free Inclusion

Established in 1994 as the original searchable Internet directory which provides contextually relevant information by integrating state-of-the-art technology with a human touch.
Free Inclusion

Gimpsy uniquely categorizes websites with respect to the service that they provide.
Cost of Inclusion is $40. $20 Refund if site is declined .

Established 2001 by former Go.com volunteer guides.
Free Inclusion is available for editors only. The Speed-Pass costs $29.99 and is nonrefundable. Reviewed guaranteed in two business days.

KellySearch offers a global database to its users. Offers powerful advertising for industrial companies around the globe. Currently updating directory.
Free Inclusion

Web World Index is a human indexed directory for general and business websites worldwide. Has over 10,000 categories and sub-categories.
Free Inclusion or $25 Seven Day Express Listing Available.

Canadian Directory that offers in-depth business profile listings for Global companies.
Free Inclusion

Wow Directory is a searchable human-edited directory with focus on primary and regional submissions.
Free Inclusion Available with $20 Express Listings and $40 Sponsored Listings

Yahoo Directory is the oldest and probably the most important directory to be listed in.
$299 for Yahoo Express Submission – Reviewed in 7 Days.

Searchable human-edited directory .
Priority Express Submission costs $49 one-time fee. Reviewed within 3 business days.

EntireWeb network provides over 100 Million searches per month, including sites such as Mamma.com, Ixquick.com, WindSeek.com, Ithaki, Search66.com and other search engines.
One Year Membership $24.00. (10 URLs $19.00 each). (11 or more URLs $17.00 each).

Free Inclusion

ExactSeek indexes over 30,000 new site submissions daily. Provides standard web results and specialized databases.
Costs Range from $36 per keyword (first 5 keywords you order, 1 year listing) to $4 per keyword (for the 501st and further keywords, 3 months listing). Detailed pricing on submission page.

GoGuides is a volunteer-edited directory and search engine.
Express Review costs $29.99 per submission. Easy Submit costs $69.95 per submission. You can also become an editor.

Fast and friendly results search engine.
Free Inclusion

There are hundreds of high quality, high PageRank directories that help increase your global link popularity when your directory submissions are planned out on a daily basis.