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Local PPC Profits - PPC Services PhiladelphiaPPC Profits – Optimized PPC Marketing Services and PPC Campaign Setup

Developing PPC campaigns that are effective takes time and the right knowledge. Good keyword research is a crucial step many fail to take. Designing the most effective ads and proper landing pages is a skill not to be taken lightly. You must increase your quality score to keep pay per click costs down and PPC profits up. There are many tools that we use to speed up the process of developing effective PPC campaigns.

An in-depth explanation of the PPC tactics and strategies we employ will be spelled out for you in a manner that is clear and easy to understand. This includes how to setup 1000’s of keywords for each Campaign with the lowest cost-per-clicks available.

We will set up your PPC Content Network campaign different from your PPC Search Network campaign to accomplish the best results. There are many strategies that need to be properly implemented to make your PPC Campaign superior to your competitors.  This can be accomplished using Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Call advertising. Combine paid advertising with organic SEO, and featured snippets, a website can conceivably dominate the entire real estate above the fold in the SERPs.

Since we are organic SEO experts, you could conceivably dominate the entire real estate above the fold in Google’s SERPs, that would also include videos and featured snippets when available.

Developing various ads for your campaigns is a step that will determine the most effective keywords and ad copy. Testing your landing pages with split testing is the best way to increase your conversion percentages on your SEO PPC campaigns.


  • Pay Per Click Initial Setup
  • Complete analysis of your website analytics
  • Keyword/phrase research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword tool set
  • Market analysis
  • Segmentation of keywords
  • Building Adwords campaigns
  • Set up every keyword/phrase in its own ad group
  • Two ads setup for each ad group
  • Build new landing page based on identified promotions and offers
  • Document the conversion, cost per click, and budget goals
  • Pay Per Click Daily Monitoring and Optimization
  • Ad split test evaluations
  • Analyze ad performance for statistical performance
  • Replacement of non-performing ads
  • Bid optimization strategies continually optimized
  • Conversion tracking
  • Position tracking
  • Negative keyword analysis and usage
  • Quality score analysis
  • Plus other closely guarded PPC strategies

There are many companies making huge profits utilizing PPC with properly optimized AdWord campaigns.  An optimized PPC campaign can have a tremendous effect on your company’s bottom line profits. This then opens up more opportunities and the ability to reinvest those PPC profits back into your PPC campaigns which can generate a snowball of lucrative profits coming into your website when done right.

We employ highly researched and targeted keyword PPC Campaigns that start driving low-cost, high, converting new leads to your website in less than 15 minutes.


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