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On Page Organic SEO Factors

130+ SEO Factors Analyzed & Optimized

Google via their flash demonstration mentions 200 factors in their algorithm for ranking an individual web page in their natural organically appearing result listings.

Their algorithm is a highly guarded secret and no one knows all the factors that go into determining the rankings for individual web pages.

Although, after trial and error and constant testing we’ve uncovered clear organic SEO factors that affect rankings and are easily identifiable.

There are many things we can do to optimize a web page that will help with its organic ranking on the search engines for a particular keyword.

These organic search engine factors for each page are analyzed and then optimized for the specific keyword(s) phrases that you desire a top search engine ranking.

Important areas such as:

  • keyword use in document title tag
  • keyword weight, density and prominence in body text
  • keyword use in metadata – including description meta tag, keyword meta tag and robots tag
  • keyword use in H1-H3 heading tags
  • keyword describing image in image alt text
  • in-context keyword use in link text
  • use of bold, italic and underline text
  • keyword use in page URL
  • keyword use in outbound link text

up to 100 SEO factors analyzed and optimized . . .

This is the on-page factor end of the search engine ranking process. This helps build a solid foundation for website promotion through the off-page factors and link building activities..

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