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How to Get More followers on Twitter for Businesses

Get More Twitter Followers for BusinessDon’t Buy Followers on Twitter

There is no need to actually buy Twitter followers. Not only do you run the risk of creating a Twitter profile that is unnatural, you also will have followers that are not engaged or active thereby making your Twitter account less professional.

There is a better way to get followers on Twitter

By leveraging the right technology, you can search, sort and find Twitter followers that fit your specific criteria. When you do this, you end up with a fully engaged following that will be happy to re-tweet and promote your business or brand.

If you are not impressed with Twitter as a social platform, take a look at the Twitter User and Demographics Stats.

The Solution to Getting More Followers on Twitter

Twitter Marketing Services for Professionals & Businesses

We manage your Twitter account and increase your followers the right way. Below are just some of the features and benefits of our brand new service for Twitter Marketing for Businesses.
  • We easily get a list of all your followers and those you are following, and then through specific criteria determine which accounts you should consider unfollowing, and then we go ahead and unfollow them for you.
  • The ability for us to create a black list and white list for your account making sure we don’t follow people that don’t make sense to follow and make sure we do follow and pay attention to those you should be engaging with on the white list.
  • We will search Twitter via specific keywords, create and import lists and gather the followers of other influential people. Then, strategically set to build your followers that are perfect for potential new business relationships and new sales.
  • Obviously, we have the ability to automatically follow back those Twitter users who follow you and unfollow people who don’t follow you.
  • Being able to automatically tweet a message through a list, a text file, an RSS feed and schedule tweets are priceless features we will bring to you.
  • We can set our technology up to build specific tweet lists and then automatically re-tweet, or favorite that tweet will making your Twitter account highly relevant and very popular to other users as they see you re-tweeting their best stuff.
  • We watch tweets in real-time based on keywords we select together and reply to these instantly. We also search tweets to reply in a batch.We can set one reply message for the whole batch or set a totally different reply message for each one.
  • Of course, we can set up the sending of direct messages to all your followers, randomly send direct messages, or just send direct messages to your newest followers.

Make your Twitter account highly active and give your account a higher possibility of getting hundreds and thousands of followers naturally.

This is the most powerful Twitter service found anywhere online!

  • We have a message manager where we can add, edit, and manage your frequently-used messages, tweets, comments, etc.
  • We also allow you the option to strategically have your messages and content expertly spun, providing unique content without having to write 1000s of messages, tweets, etc.
  • We assign your account a specific private proxy for your account to stay on the safest level. If there’s a captcha that is needed to be solved, we utilize that also.
  • We can shorten your URls with your favorite URL shortener and also run your tasks 24/7 or withing a specific period of time during each day.
  • Are you thinking this is just about tweeting text? Well, we send messages and tweets with full blown images.
  • Images get more 5 TIMES MORE ATTENTION* and this functionality is included one you are not likely to find in any other leverage technology and service.
  • We have a fully redundant backup system so that all of your data, and all of the work is saved, never to be lost. We surely are not going to do all this work for you and risk the chance of losing it without the ability to restore right back.

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