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Google Tools & Verification

Making Sure You Get the Most out of Google

Using Google’s own tools is one of the best ways to get Google on your side. Not only should you verify with Google the host of other options Google provides to the webmaster will make getting rankings much easier.

There’s Google Webmaster Tools where you can diagnose web and mobile crawl issues along with meta data content analysis for any stand out issues. You can see your Statistics from the top search queries and the most often returned pages of your site, indexing statistics along with determining within Google what the Googlebot actually sees on your site.

You can check your links for Google within Google to see the pages of your website that have links from other sites plus see any internal linking issues that may need to be fixed. You can also see if there are any pages of your site that have the opportunity to become a part of Google Sitelinks for your listing in their index.

We can help you with all the Google tools and utilize the array of options the make available for the betterment of your site’s users web experience.

For more information on how to take advantage of all the Google tools available and our SEO Services please feel free to call us at (610) 768-0357.