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SEO Specialist, SEO Consultant & SEO Services Provider

Performing SEO services began for me personally in 1997. I got started providing organic SEO services & SEO consultations for Industrial Electronic Manufacturers across the country as I helped an inudstry high-tech electronics magazine with their advertising.


Philadelphia SEO Expert Consultant Gregg ThorpeI moved from offering private white-label Philadelphia SEO solutions to Keystone Advertising and formed Philadelphia SEO Company First Place Positioning in 2001 based in King of Prussia, PA as a provider of custom SEO solutions including on-page SEO, technical SEO, and promotional marketing.

Soon after that, we started providing website design & development at very affordable prices comparable to design and development costs others were charging, both then and now. This allows for us to deliver websites to our clients that are both fully SEO optimized and completely focused on getting results at the very outset.

Over the years we’ve stayed on the cutting-edge of inbound marketing and SEO plus realized very early that social media and the marketing therein would become a huge factor to get in front of the right target audience for our clients.

As of 2017, we offer services that fall into many areas of Internet marketing. We specialize in organic SEO, but in addition provide high-quality web design, social media marketing, paid advertising services and expert insights from A-to-Z gained from 20 years learned experience, implementation, to curating the best-specialized information from the foremost Internet marketing experts on the planet.

When you have a relationship with First Place Positioning via the person of Gregg Thorpe you can get what most companies choose, which are the done for you services. Or you also can choose one-on-one SEO consulting. Being SEO trained by an SEO specialist allows you to take control of your business’ future.  Both ways will help ensure increased inbound traffic and top search rankings for your most profitable keyword phrases.

What does your digital marketing platform need? Do you benefit from an automated funnel of prospects continually finding you, e-mail list growing, autoresponder sequence set, offers of enticement with valued information and insights you have?

When you work with us, you get 100% transparency in our efforts and strategies. We work for your business and also teach you or someone designated at the same time.

The sky is the limit while we break SEO glass ceilings.

When you overtake the top competition, your website, your brand, becomes an immediate authority in the eyes of your prospects and customers. They will see you listed #1 on Google, Bing & Yahoo for hundreds to thousands of search terms and a steady new burst of leads and prospects will start chasing you to do business versus you chasing them.

Synopsis of Inbound Marketing & Off-Site Promotions – Increasing Sales Revenue through Optimization:

– Experienced website SEO, targeting best converting keyword phrases
– Research and competitive analysis, testing for best phrases SEMRush, SpyFu, etc.
– In-depth individual on-page optimization and entire site SEO
– Technical SEO applied making your site a sound winner in the eyes of Google
– Using the latest in technology & how search engines change, all applied to your site
– Off-page promotions, link building, and outreach
– Social media setup, optimization, promotion, and advertising
– Strategic content creation and syndication
– Email marketing, management; autoresponder sequences, etc.
– Video optimization, mobile strategies and more

Each area of online marketing, we either provide as a service or teach, are mapped out, systematized and then processes developed & continually updated. This makes it easy for us to achieve success.


Call (610) 768-0357 and find out what First Place Positioning can do for your business.

Get all the targeted traffic than you can handle; get targeted visitors that result in growing revenues. We continually examine the emerging types of ‘online inputs’ the major search engines are taking into account when ranking a website in their results pages and make the necessary adjustments to keep search terms ranking at the top of Google.

After 20 years in a specific practice, in this case, SEO, you realize how much you know, and can still learn. Understanding that this specialized knowledge can help almost any type of business, big or small benefit exponentially online through web marketing.